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Peter is from London, is 39 years old and is passionate about dreams and supporting people in the courageous decisions and actions they need to take to fullfill them.  He has been living in Germany since 2001 (und er spricht Deutsch). 


His curiosity for personal and organisational development was first triggered whilst working with Microsoft, supporting their EMEA Management team building. He has extensive experience working with Managers and Directors transitioning to new roles and careers internationally.


He is passionate about music and moutains, plays and sings in a band, has been to the Himilayas twice and walked across the alps. He is currently trying to get his knees and flat feet to consider running their second marathon, perhaps in Tokyo. 


He has an Executive MBA from Munich Business School also studing at SDA Bocconni in Milan and Singapore Business University and an BSc in Biological Sciences (with Psychology) from Exeter University. He is a graduate of both the CEFTP and Advanced Coaching Programs of Coach U in the USA.


Peter is also a cofounder of presentationgym.com

















"Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash."

 George S. Patton





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